With Vendinvest PPE vending machines you can
reduce equipment cost by 30-40%

  • Employees using PPE utilize work hours better
  • It is easy to track safety material usage by employees, which eliminates overuse and saves money
  • Inventory tracking for tools becomes clear and easy to monitor
  • Equipment dispensing is documented automatically, no need to dedicate an employee
  • Reduces and simplifies administrative tasks related to PPE
  • Frees up work hours for warehouse and procurement employees responsible for PPE


You have found the tool to make this controllable, measurable,
in a labour-sparing way, day and night.

Your company has to provide employees all protective equioment required for the task they are performing.

Do you have an issue with continuously increasing usage?

Employees don't care about overuse and equipment is used in signigficantly larger amounts than needed? You can't monitor who picked up what, when and how many of it? And how much was really needed? 

You have found the tool to control and measure this process.

You can reduce equipment costs by 30-40% with our vending machines.