Machine types

Machine types
rezsianyag kiadó automata

Collecting machine    NEW!  

Recommended use:

  • collecting hazardous waste that should be separated fom municipal waste (e.g. oily gloves)
  • reusable items, recycling (e.g. refillable cans, tools that can be sharpened)
  • all cases when new items should be dispensed only after the used one has been returned
    (e.g. broken tools, gloves, valuable equipment)

Detailed description of the machine

rezsianyag kiadó automata

MRO vending machine

Size: 1830x980x8455

Maximum capacity (according to the size of the items): 650-900 items

Target application: tubes, glass and metal cleaners, adhesives.

Védőeszköz automata spirálos

PPE vending machine / coil dispensing

Size: 1830x980x845

Maximum capacity (according to the size of the items): 640 -840 items

Target application:  gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection,  knee pads,  lanyards, sealers and adhesives.


Tool vending machine / caroussel

Size: 1830x1040x760

Maximum capacity (according to the size of the items): 300 items

Target application: cleaning products in plastic bottles, inserts, drill bits.


Spray can vending machine / lift modules

Size: 1825x975x800

Maximum capacity (according to the size of the items): 670 items

Target application: spray cans, spray cleaners, cleaning powders.


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